Long coffee = Less caffeine?

14 / 03 / 2023

Consuming coffee is a daily practice for many people around the world. However, many people have misconceptions about how caffeine is extracted from coffee and how to reduce its stimulating effect. One of the most common misconceptions concerns long coffee. Some people believe that asking for a long coffee dilutes the amount of caffeine, but in reality the effect is exactly the opposite.

This is because the amount of caffeine in a coffee depends on the amount of water used to extract the substances. For a “ristretto” we use less water. Therefore, the level of caffeine will be lower. For a long coffee, on the other hand, we use more water and this leads to a greater extraction of substances, including caffeine.

A suggestion that we can give to those who want to enjoy a long coffee without taking too much caffeine is to dilute a regular coffee with hot water. This way, you will get the same amount of caffeine as in regular coffee, but with more water for a more diluted taste.

Some people try to mitigate the effects of caffeine by adding milk to their coffee: milk doesn't reduce the amount of caffeine in coffee, it only corrects the taste. Furthermore, adding cow milk can make coffee less digestible for some people, so it's not always the best solution to mitigate the stimulating effects of caffeine.

In summary: to reduce the effect of caffeine, it is important to understand how it is extracted from coffee and how a different preparation can affect the amount of caffeine in a drink. Diluting regular coffee with hot water is an effective way to assume less caffeine, if we like long coffee.  On the other hand, adding milk doesn't reduce the amount of caffeine and cow's milk can make coffee difficult to digest for some people.

 One of the best solutions to drink coffee reducing caffeine is definitely to prefer decaffeinated coffee.

In this case, the processing during the decaffeination process has a fundamental importance. Many companies resort to the use of chemicals to simplify and speed up this procedure. So make sure you select natural and quality coffee, processed according to a natural process.

Our decaffeination process has been perfected over the years to ensure the best taste and maximum safety. We use an ancient and natural process which is based on the use of water and steam, respecting tradition as an artisan company.

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