Blend Caffè 70°

An intense spicy aroma wafts from the cup, reminiscent of faraway destinations. The hazelnut-coloured crema encloses a strong body that balances the acidity, with hints of almond and candied fruit.  
A pleasant sweet and bitter aftertaste keeps the flavour alive and memory of an excellent "Caffè 70° blend". 

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Candied fruit


Caffè 70° blend, coffee beans, 1 kg bag

Caffè 70° blend,coffee beans. 
1 kg bag.
Shelf life 15 months. 

27,5 €

Caffè 70° blend , coffee beans, 250 gr bag

Caffè 70° blend, coffee beans. 
250 gr bag.
Shelf life 15 months. 

6,90 €