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The second blend, chronologically speaking, born in the "Latorre household".... The unmistakable aroma of coffee! For its composition, we use the same premium varieties of coffee present in the Caffè Latorre N. 1 blend. What differentiates the blends in terms of taste and aroma is the different balance of the coffee origins contained.


Spices of bitter cocoa, candied fruit and panettone capture the sense of smell whilst, from the first sip, the palate is pleasantly infused with sweet and bitter notes. This, alongside the soft, tiger striped, crema top, caresses the palate and the flavours remain for the duration.


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The origins

The high quality and authenticity of the products have always been our main goal. The fine green coffee beans that make up this blend have been carefully selected after extensive analysis and research involving 121 different coffee origins.