Artisan Coffee Roaster Since 1948

Welcome to our artisan coffee roastery, where the passion for coffee is combined with the art of roasting.

We are pleased to offer you a range of HIGH QUALITY COFFEES, grown in the best plantations in the world, carefully selected and processed with care in our roastery.

The Shop

We invite you to visit our shop, which is located in MANERBA, on the shores of LAKE GARDA, where you will find a selection of coffees, from the most delicate to the strongest and full-bodied.

You can buy different formats of your favorite blends, from 125g packs to 1kg bags, from ground coffee, to pods, to coffee beans.

In our shop you can also discover our SPECIAL PRODUCTS, such as COFFEE LIQUEURS AND SPIRITS, or our blend of COFFEE WITH HEMP, a particular blend that offers numerous health benefits. This special blend, of which we always have limited stocks and therefore is not always available, combines the energy functions of coffee with the protein and fiber content of hemp.

Coffee Tastings

We don't just sell high quality coffees, we are also proud to offer the opportunity to taste it: YOU WILL BE ACCOMPANIED IN THE DISCOVERY OF NEW FLAVORS AND AROMAS, discovering the history of each single blend and learning to recognize its organoleptic characteristics.

We believe that coffee tasting is an experience that must be fully enjoyed and that it is the best way to discover the quality of our products.

Tostatura degustazione
formazione e corsi baristi per caffè a Brescia

We are waiting for you in our shop to let you taste our coffees, to make you appreciate our passion and to make you live a unique sensory experience. We look forward to welcoming you and sharing our passion for high quality coffee with you.



corsi formazione preparazione caffè per professionisti