Coffee or Cappuccino?

04 / 09 / 2023

A choice with a variety of facets to explore.
The combination of milk and coffee is a timeless classic. But we want to examine why, sometimes, Cappuccino might not be the optimal choice.


Nutritional properties

There is no scientific evidence to suggest particular beneficial properties linked to the consumption of Cappuccino. It's undoubtedly satisfying, but it's not a particularly nutrient-dense drink. Among the vitamins present, the one with the greatest impact is vitamin A, the quantity of which however varies depending on the milk used for preparation. This vitamin has an important antioxidant function, especially for eyes and skin health, but Cappuccino certainly does not represent the best food source to take it. Similarly, the calcium content from the milk used in creating Cappuccino is beneficial for bones and teeth health, but relying on Cappuccino as your main source of this nutrient is not advisable.


The balance between Taste and Nutrition

Although Cappuccino is a creamy and satisfying treat, it is important to consider its composition.

Adding whole milk and froth can lead to a higher calorie and saturated fat content than a regular Espresso. If you're trying to follow a lighter diet or control your calorie intake, black coffee may be a better ally. Furthermore, this alliance of aromas, while fascinating for the palate, could pose a challenge for our digestive system. Coffee contains tannins and milk is rich in a protein called albumin, two elements that don't blend harmoniously. Tannins bind to albumin creating albumin tannate, a difficult-to-digest compound that takes approximately three hours to be metabolized.


Exploring new flavors

Choosing black coffee allows you to fully explore the complex flavors and nuances of different coffee blends. This option allows you to appreciate the aroma, acidity and body of the coffee without the influence of the milk. It is an opportunity for true coffee aficionados to discover the diversity of scents and flavors that the world of coffee has to offer.

The sensations perceived after enjoying a Cappuccino, the frequency with which we consume this drink, the analysis of individual reactions and personal awareness of one's needs play an important role in evaluating its healthiness.


Undoubtedly, we prefer to taste our coffee in purity to savor all its aroma 😊


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